About us

20 years of practical experience bundled
in one product family

Focus on the essentials...

The focus of the edv & cad group is on CAD, CAM as well as order processing, calculation and time recording.

With our ElementsAcademy , carpenters and woodworking specialists advise, train and teach in public and in-house training courses as well as in online coaching via Netmeeting.

To this end, we apply the practical knowledge that has been built up over more than 20 years and is constantly updated.

Our aim is to meet every customer where they are and to accompany them to their destination.
We are very flexible and adaptable in the face of high requirements and can also fall back on a large network of contract draughtsmen if required.
We have the professional and technical knowledge to bring your visions to a successful conclusion.

He who seeks, finds...

At the age of 16, many people probably don’t know 100% what they want to be when they grow up. It was a similar story with Johannes Ellmeier. He only knew that it should be something with wood, so he decided to train as a carpenter. This was followed by the master craftsman’s examination, the business economist and further training as a CAD specialist and business informatics specialist. Based on this, a certain trend from the carpenter’s bench to computer science could already be seen. In the end, the final direction “fell” to him:

In 1997 Johannes Ellmeier was commissioned by the company to find a good CAD program. At the “HolzHandwerk” trade fair, he came across “minicad”, the forerunner of the current Vectorworks program. Johannes Ellmeier already recognized the potential in the CAD program and dared to take the step into self-employment a short time later.

In 2003 the first version of our furniture module ElementsCAD for Vectorworks was presented at the Nuremberg Fair. Today, more than 20 years later, a vision with the ElementsApps has evolved into a continuous range of carpentry software solutions for interior design, joiners, joiners, shop and trade fair construction, planners and architects.

What you sow, you will reap...

With this in mind, Johannes Ellmeier, founder of the edv & cad group, set up the

JoEl Foundation

to give something back to the community.

JoEl Foundation Logo

Charitable foundation for the
Preservation of Creation

The Jo-El Foundation is committed to nature and environmental protection, landscape conservation, youth welfare and charitable causes.

Together with the JoEl Foundation, the edv&cad group has launched various campaigns specifically for the customers of the edv&cad group.