Our Team

“Teamwork is the secret that allows ordinary people to achieve unusual results.”

Johannes Ellmeier


I love the development of new features and the resulting feedback from our customers. Satisfied customers are our top priority.

Stefanie Ellmeier

Office, Organization

There is strength in calmness. With this setting, I can keep track of everything even when the desk is overflowing and the phones are running hot.

Gerhard Trappendreher

Training, Contract Draftsmen

As a trained carpenter, I am very close to production. When planning with Vectorworks , it is a great help to have practical experience.

Markus Kroiss


Being out and about in the mountains is the ideal balance to my programming activities. After the work is done, I enjoy the peace and quiet in nature.

William Weinberger

CNC support, training, installations

The development of CNC post-processors is an exciting topic that I have been dealing with for many years.

Sabine Dienstbeck

Accounting, Organization

My passion is traveling as a balance to my office work.