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The Elements Apps offer end-to-end carpentry software solutions for interior design, carpenters, carpenters, shop and trade fair construction, planners and architects.

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ElementsCAD for Vectorworks is our core product. It guarantees you absolute consistency from design to calculation to production.

Vectorworks is the efficient program for 2D/3D design, which has long since made a name for itself as carpentry software. In conjunction with the ElementsCAD plug-in, Vectorworks can respond even more specifically to the needs of furniture construction.

In work preparation , parts list data can be created in order to use it, for example. with ElementsAV . A CAD-CAM interface enables easy interaction with ElementsCAM.

More than 25 years of experience in the field of carpentry software speak for themselves.
ElementsCAD-CAM is now available in 8 different languages.
Our products impress with an excellent price-performance ratio.

Elements Apps
Elements Apps
Elements Apps
  • Parametric furniture
  • Flexible cut-outs
  • Fast data entry
  • Freely definable drilling patterns
  • Handleless fronts – Front profiles
  • Flexible design options
  • Detailed drawer definition
  • Predefined libraries
  • CNC output at the push of a button
Elements Apps
Elements Apps
Elements Apps
  • Flexible profiling
  • Bevelable edges
  • Data export to third-party programs
  • Extensive libraries
  • Automatic updates
  • Flexible front definitions
  • Row cabinet function
  • Windows – Doors – Walls – Stairs
  • Sloping ceilings – flexible panels
Elements Apps
Elements Apps
  • Pre-configurations for complex furniture
  • Flexible constructions
  • Internal drawers
  • Flexible texture swapping
  • Textures from different manufacturers
  • Easy handling through classes
  • Meaningful parts lists
  • Preset templates
  • Powerful export interfaces
  • CNC code
  • Drawing Tools
  • Variable Programs
  • Own macros
  • Top value for money
  • Vectorworks Interface
  • Machine-neutral
  • Pointer catch
  • DXF Import
  • free CAM reader
  • Short induction
  • Tree
ElementsCAM Logo

ElementsCAM is the efficient CNC solution with integrated interface to ElementsCAD and Vectorworks.

Master data can be entered directly into ElementsCAM.

The program can be started directly from Vectorworks.

ElementsCAM is a machine-neutral CNC software for woodworking.
The program impresses with a clear user interface and ease of use.


ElementsCAM is integrated with ElementsCAD & Vectorworks. Hole patterns are assigned directly in CAD.
Changes are instructed and updated directly from CAD.

Elements Apps
Elements Apps
Elements Apps

The product line ElementsCAD – ElementsCAM – ElementsAV – ElementsOPT ensures an integrated carpentry software solution. With the online furniture planner MRegio, customers can plan their own furniture that is compatible with ElementsCAD.

ElementsOPT Logo

ElementsOPT crop optimization is an optimization software for plates in various formats and materials with an intuitive user interface.

Reusable residues, grain history, bearings or label printing can be achieved.
The program is compatible with common spreadsheets (MS Excel, etc.) and furniture planning tools (Vectorworks…).

ElementsOPT is the efficient solution for cutting optimization.

  • Labels
  • Excel interface
  • Residual plate management
  • Calculation
  • Material requirements
  • Graphic representation
  • Reference data
  • Customer order processing
  • Correspondence
  • Interface to ElementsCAD
  • Pricing
  • Time
  • Ordering
  • Offer – AB
  • LS – Invoice
  • Calculation
  • Production lists
  • Time determination
  • Open items
  • Bom
  • Material requirements
  • Costing
ElementsAV Logo

ElementsAV is the efficient solution for work preparation and order processing. It is also possible to create hardware lists, surface lists, edge lists, etc. from the data of the carpenter software.